How to Write a Non Fiction Book in 7 Days Flat: 5 New Rules for Marketers & Brand Builders

Who abroad would adulation to address a non fiction book in 7 canicule or less? Think that sounds too acceptable to be true? Think that you’ve got to address a BAD book if you address it quickly, or with a system?

Think again! If you are anyone who would adulation to see your name on Amazon, with a book that helps people, and builds BUZZ for your blog, brand, business and coffer account, this commodity was accounting with YOU in mind.

Curious to apperceive more? Continue account as we yield a afterpiece attending at 7 cool simple new rules for cocky publishing a QUALITY book in alone 7 days.

Rule #1: How abounding by when? This is so important, and is the section that if you skip, you’ll artlessly lower the allowance that you in fact chase through and get it done.

Set a chat count, and a day borderline and stick with it… acceptable bad or indifferent. In added words, accomplish to publishing on the date you set, EVEN if the book you’ve created isn’t as acceptable as you hoped it would be. (you can consistently go aback and adapt it already it’s live) Set a 7 day target, and a per diem agreeable count, and break angrily focused on accepting it done.

Rule #2: Teach, don’t write. This is cool analytical for non fiction books. If you appearance yourself to be Shakespeare, or are aggravating to address the WAR AND PEACE of your niche, bazaar or topic, you’ll never get your book published. Think of yourself as a teacher, not a biographer and the affection to ability the absolute anapestic book will not assume about as important. (and you’ll do advice far added humans as a result)

Rule #3: Advise one affair at a time: Avoid the appetite to overwhelm, or abstracts dump all of your alcove ability in one place. Think small, but series. Stick with one simple yield abroad or teaching per book, and aim to advance your audiences activity in one accurate way per section of agreeable you cocky broadcast application this system

Rule #4: Make humans better! This goes duke in duke with the advise don’t address ethos… and should be your primary purpose for autograph the book in the aboriginal place. What accept you touched, tasted, accomplished or explored that can advice me reside a better, bolder, happier or convalescent life? Focus on transforming the lives of those who assurance you with their time and attention, and administer an altruistic activity to what you put out into the world. It will appear aback to you, I promise.

Rule #5: To get your book done in 7 days, anatomy it like this:


Core Concept

Exercise/Primary Technique



Small Ask

Big Ask

Every day, focus on just one aspect of the above, and get it done. Don’t play or devious from that day’s task, and you’ll be afraid and how bound and calmly you acquisition your book accomplished as a result.